om art: creating from within

Om Art believes in nurturing kid’s natural creative abilities by providing a criticism and judgement free space in which they can feel safe to express the artist within.

We encourage curiosity, exploration, and a positive attitude towards the creative process, establishing a solid foundation for life that will not only lead them to paint well but to harvest from such activity a sense of peace,  accomplishments, self  nourishment. and expression.



OmArt Kids Workshops are geared towards introducing at an early age lessons of patience, self love, stillness, self acceptance, concentration and self discovery through the art of CREATIVE EXPRESSION. Our intention is to nurture children's intrinsic creative instincts by holding the sacred space for them to connect to the God-spark within and get acquainted with their natural capacity to manifest. By strengthening these abilities we hope to empower them to establish life long healthy attitudes and habits that will continually help them reconnect, heal and recenter themselves throughout their life paths.


  • Exchange self-judgment for self-acceptance
  • Learn to be present and connected with Creator
  • Allow for a sacred space or "happy place" to which the child can withdraw to center itself and self-heal
  • Learn patience and goal-oriented behavior
  • Surrender to the outcome and creating without expectations
  • Relax, let go and have fun
  • Understand that everyone perceives Reality differently


  • Private Painting Classes
  • Group Painting Classes
  • Arts & Crafts Holiday/Seasonal Workshops
  • Parent-Child Art Workshops
  • Summer Art Camps

Please Check the Calendar of Events for Upcoming Workshops and Locations



OmArt Women Workshops are created to provide a sacred space in which women can come together to reflect, go inward and reconnect with their divinity and power as creator beings through ART EXPRESSION. Whether they choose to make it an introspective and intimate journey or a communal exchange in the spirit of sisterhood and reflection, the aim of the workshops is to rebalance, replenish and realign with Spirit.

CURRICULAR INTENTIONS for OmArt Women Workshops:

  • Embody your God-Given Creative Power
  • Create the time and space to nurture and replenish yourself
  • Come together to support and enlighten each other
  • Connect to Source and recenter yourself
  • Heal, laugh, share and have fun


  • Group and Private Painting Classes
  • The Seven Chakra Journey
  • Mandala Painting
  • "Creating from within" Self-Healing Workshop
  • Creating your Art Journal
  • Sacred Geometry Workshop
  • Women of the World Intercultural Exchange Project
  • Journey to the Center of Self Art Workshops
  • Workshops for Art Teachers



about the FOUNDER

Eva Garza

Eva Garza, Graphic and Web Designer, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and DNA Activation Facilitator is the Founder and CEO of The Indigo Revolution Inc; a Platform created to empower the Lightworkers and Parents of Indigo Children by offering support, resources and Conscious Spiritual Entrepreneurship services. Eva is the Creative Director of OmArt, in-house Art Program of Angelosophy and The Indigo Revolution.