Sacred Spiritual Cleansing - A ritual in a box


By 3 Lunas Rituals

Empathic and psychic people tend to absorb more than others the negativity around them. We all must protect our auric field and reset it with a good cleansing often. This is beneficial if you tend to be affected by other people’s problems, if you are fearful or anxious often, if you have recently experienced a traumatic event, if you are in a difficult or stressful point in your life or if you travel often.

We have crafted a box that will cover all bases and will guide you through the process of cleaning your space and your auric field thoroughly.

  • Focusing on the 4 elements we will bring together ingredients such as White Sage, Palo Santo, White Sea Salt and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, along with the powerful pajaro Macua Sacred Oil and flowers amongst other tools and ingredients.

  • Detailed instructions for the Ritual

  • Grounding exercise and Meditation