When Humans participate in Ceremony, they enter a Sacred space-
Everything outside of that space shrivels in importance-
Time takes on a different dimension- Emotions flow more freely-
The bodies of the participants become filled with the energy of life
and this life reaches out and blesses the creation around them-
All is made new; Everything becomes Sacred-
Sun Bear

Ceremony is most meaningful when it presents the opportunity for us to honor and reveal the Sacred in our life; to connect us with ourselves, with others and, with our Source- Whether your ceremony is a public or private affair, and your intent be Celebratory, Transitional, Honoring, marking Initiation, Healing or a combination of these, I will insure it is perfect for you and those you wish to share it with.

Sacred Ceremony Services:

  • Weddings and Commitment Ceremony
  • Rite of Passage Ceremony
  • Celebratory Event

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