what is the indigo revolution?


INDIGO:  A frequency which in the visible spectrum of light holds its place between blue and violet  and is characteristic of a group of souls incarnating on Earth originating from the Guardian Races.

RE-EVOLUTION:  The re-emergence of a genetic trait that was thought to be disabled and non functional  within the DNA of a species.

REVOLUTION:  A radical change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something. A movement designed to effect fundamental changes in the social structure of a collective.

THE INDIGO REVOLUTION is a conscious movement with the intention to call forth a collective of souls with a specific energy frequency on a global mission to re-activate the original genetic blueprint of humanity and instill the accesibility to fundamental changes in the current socio-spiritual structure of Earth.


OUR mission

To ensure the Evolution and Ascension of Earth by making the Original HUman DNA Blueprint collectively available to the species through the activation of the Indigos .

To support and nurture the divine nature of the new generations of Indigo Children by educating, empowering and offering tools to their parents.

To empower the global conscious collective of Lightworkers and Indigo Adults by offering Entrepreneurial tools, education and resources.



To create a platform for healing, learning and commerce to empower a global collective of conscious HUman beings, Lightworkers and parents of Indigo children by offering support, resources and conscious spiritual entrepreneurship services.



We believe in Unity Consciousness, and the strength of the collective. We are happy to see reflections of our missions in the world around us and joyous to empower and support all projects, people and businesses in service to others.

We believe in accountability, integrity, empowered mentality and self actualization. It is every soul's responsibility to fulfill their highest potential and their free will choice to not do so. All paths are a manifestation of Source.

We believe in Prosperity Consciousness and know that the Universe is infinitely abundant and Collaborations only enrich us further.



Eva Garza

Eva Garza, Graphic and Web Designer, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and DNA Activation Facilitator is the Founder and CEO of The Indigo Revolution Inc; a Platform created to empower the Lightworkers and Parents of Indigo Children by offering support, resources and Conscious Spiritual Entrepreneurship services. Eva is the Creative Director of OmArt, in-house Art Program of The Indigo Revolution.