karmic imprint removal


When we make free will choices that are out of line with our Higher Self or that do not embody the Highest choice for us, Karma gets created as a consequence. Karma is the residual energy pattern leftover from decisions, emotions and attitudes that magnetize, influence and create events and experiences into current reality.  Karmic Imprints are disorganized, incoherent biophysical energy wave patterns that affect DNA and must be cleared.

Common Karmic Imprints include your past individual karmic imprints, ancestral karmic imprints, parental karmic imprints, as-well-as collective imprints inherited through the DNA. When you make a free-will choice not in-line with your Higher Consciousness, you fracture off your soul’s energy and create a Karmic Imprint. When you make choices not in-line with your Higher Consciousness,  twisted energy wave patterns are created in your field that cannot collect, concentrate, and accumulate the light energy from source. You can continue to create Karmic Imprints up to a point until the system delivers a karmic consequence.

A karmic loop is when the same thing happens to you over and over again. Perhaps you are attracting the same kind of relationship into your life, having the same issues with money or business relationships. 

Some of the karmic imprints that can be transmuted are unworthiness, undeservedness, poverty consciousness, 21 attitudes of co-dependency, unnecessary guilt, victimization, fear/aggression/sadness complex, etc. There are also powerful polarized shadow-self personas that can be transmuted.

Lasting change requires that the unconscious identities (ids) of an issue on all levels of your awareness be absolved. 

Transmuting Karmic Imprints changes your destiny. During the Karmic Imprint Removal session, I connect to your Higher Self and individual energy signature. I can detect the highest priority karmic imprints to be cleared and then use focused intent and special scalar language to facilitate the transmutation of these low-frequency vibrating energy blockages permanently.

After the session is completed, polarized issues are transmuted as you let go of low-energy blockages that represent karmic contracts, unresolved issues and self-limiting beliefs.  You will then be able to embody higher frequencies and life force currents that will magnetize higher frequency events, people, and experiences into your life. 

$321 / SESSION

Not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure dis-ease or illness, nor is it to be interpreted, in any way, as a substitute for professional medical,  surgical, psychiatric care or treatment.