CENTER FOR EDUCATION and self improvement

The Indigo Revolution Center for Education and Self Improvement is an online platform presenting Conscious Content through workshops, courses and webinars intended to provide our audience with an ample variety of learning material for the improvement of the body, mind, emotions and spirit..

The Indigo Revolution Learning Philosophy is based on the concept that we learn through the principle of reflection and therefore need of each other to evolve. With this in mind we are creating a directory of practitioners that form part of our transformative culture and enrich us with their abilities, wisdom and light.

We see The Indigo Revolution as a Container and those that choose to share their journey with us, as its Content. We shape and give support to the Collective, and together, Content and Container define each other. Acknowledging that we are all a part of The Indigo Revolution we find joy in offering exposure, marketing and a platform to operate from, to those Practitioners aligned with our Vision and Ideals. We house here a carefully curated selection of our Practitioners and their services. For a full Practitioner Directory please click here.