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glossary of terms




Mandala: Sanskrit loosely translated meaning ‘circle’ representing ‘wholeness’ or the universe; Symbol of infinite life and our relation to it. ***

Mantra: A word or a sound consistently repeated as a focal point in meditation. ***

Meditation: A discipline of entering the mind into a deep state of relaxation; May involve stilling the mind completely, or focusing on a singular word, sound or thought. ***

Meridians: In acupuncture, pathways associated with specific organs, which carry mana, or ‘universal life force’ throughout the body. ***

Metaphysics: A philosophy based on beliefs, thoughts and investigation of realities beyond the known physical and scientific world. Concerned with such topics as psychic development, mediumship, divination, the supernatural, the soul, life after death, reincarnation and telepathy. Often considered pagan beliefs. ***

Mysticism: Belief in or pursuit of knowledge relating to things ‘mysterious'. Belief system which goes beyond religion in seeking direct communication with one’s god or gods, rather than going through the middle-man of religious functionaries such as a priest or rabbi. ***

Meditation: Refers to any of a wide variety of spiritual practices (and their close secular analogues) which emphasize mental activity or quiescence. The English word comes from the Latin meditatio, which could perhaps be better translated as "contemplation." 

In the late nineteenth century, Theosophists adopted "meditation" to refer to various spiritual practices drawn from Hinduism, Buddhism, and other Eastern religions. Thus the English word "meditation" does not exclusively translate any single term or concept from the sacred languages of Asia, such as the Sanskrit dhyana, samādhi, or pranayama. (Note that whereas in Eastern religions meditation is often a central part of religious/spiritual practice, in Christianity it is rather a fringe activity if practiced at all.) *

Mother.“Divine Mother,” “Universal Mother” and “Cosmic Virgin” are alternate terms for the feminine polarity of the Godhead, the manifestation of God as Mother. Matter is the feminine polarity of Spirit, and the term is used interchangeably with Mater (Latin, “mother”). In this context, the entire material cosmos becomes the womb of creation into which Spirit projects the energies of life. **











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