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glossary of terms




Faith healing: The use of solely spiritual means in treating disease, sometimes accompanied with the refusal of modern medical techniques. Another term for this is spiritual healing. Faith healing is a form of alternative medicine. *

Four lower bodies: Four sheaths of four distinct frequencies that surround the soul; the vehicles the soul uses in her journey on earth: the etheric, or memory body; the etheric body houses the blueprint of the soul’s identity and contains the memory of all that has ever transpired in the soul and all impulses she has ever sent out. The mental body; the mental body is the vessel of the cognitive faculties; when purified, it can become the vessel of the mind of God, the Christ mind. The desire, or emotional, body; the desire body houses the higher and lower desires and records the emotions. The physical body; the physical body is the miracle of flesh and blood that enables the soul to progress in the material universe. **

Free Will:  Ability to choose one’s own life path. Philosophical belief that all things in life are predestined.***










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